Calabasa Calabasa: Dancing and Making the Music of Life

Hotter Than July
Deep Dive Workshops
July 23-25, 2021

Experience African Diaspora dances, playing shekere, song, and vocal workshops in this 3-day in-person summer intensive in Durham, NC

Calabasa Calabasa Director

Andrea E. Woods Valdés teaching
contemporary dance and shekere

with guest faculty:

Toya Chinfloo - Dunham Technique

Zoia Cisneros - Samba

Kendra Ross - Pilates/Conditioning

Shana Tucker - Vocal Work

Oesa Vinesett- Afro-Cuban Folklore Dance

Free. Registration and schedule coming soon.

A. E. Woods Valdés, Jessica Burroughs, Dasha Chapman, Chanelle Croxton, Joy Kajogbola, Tria Smothers

Photo: Alec Himwich

Calabasa Calabasa: Dancing and Making the Music of Life is a on a mission to spread joy! We come to you dancing while singing in English, Spanish, Yoruba and Twi and making a joyful shekere noise.  Our mission is to respond to the times, even as we look to the roots and traditions of the African and Caribbean diaspora to reflect spirituality, social justice and respect for and recognition of women. Our favorite places to perform are community events. 

Artistic Director - Andrea E. Woods Valdés