wimmin@work 2018 excerpts


Wimmin of all generations come together to acknowledge that we stand on the mighty and magnificent shoulders of wimmin artists, educators, mentors, family and friends. Let’s celebrate and share our creative endeavors in the way we do best, by being wimmin@work!

wimmin@work 2017 Article 
"Poise and Passion Black Women in Performance"


Virtual wimmin@work 2021

5 Years Strong! 

A wimmin's herstory month celebration

SATURDAY, MARCH 20th 12 - 3 PM

This year’s wimmin bring a range of eclectic performances from dance, and original song and music to the art of healthy eating, spoken word, and krav maga. As we respond to the times and re-envision wimmin@work for 2021, you can participate in three virtual/online wimmin@workshops in songwriting, self-defense, and step dance.


Toya and Asha Chinfloo, Zoia Cisneros, Dorothy N. Clark,

Kimberly Gaubault, Jaimie Lee, Lexi Lockhart, R.N Harris F.L.I.G.H.T Dance Drum Troupe, Say Kola, Kristi Vincent Johnson,

Clarissa Kussin, Kamara Thomas, and

Souloworks/Andrea E. Woods & Dancers with special guest hattie gossett


In 2021, wimmin@work will be presented completely online.


Co-produced by Hayti Heritage Center and SOULOWORKS/Andrea E. Woods


Why this project? In short wimmin@work 2016 was conceived of as a way to say, “Hey sister wimmin artists, I see you out there working away, and I want the best for you as I do for myself.”  I wanted to reach back to my teachers, students, mentors, ancestors, friends and family and say, “Because of you I do this thing called making art and when I speak the world speaks back.  Thank you for that gift!”  When I asked many wimmin friends in the area, “What are you doing for wimmin’s herstory month? Let’s make something happen.” The overwhelming response was, “Yes, let’s do something together.”  Many of are working hard and to make life happen that we have become isolated, even as we work for and speak of community and social engagement.  So here we are, taking a breather to enjoy what we do and to notice the work that goes on around us. 


wimmin@work is an amalgamation of wimmin artists working independently in their lives and art. We come together to acknowledge one another and to say, “Thank you” to our respective communities and sources of inspiration.  Many of us did not know one another before the show but your presence with us affirms that creativity is meant to share, multiply and grow.  Thank you for becoming the community that receives our gratitude. Thank you for being a witness and celebrant of wimmin@work!     

     -Artistic Director, Andrea E. Woods Valdés

wimmin@work 2016 excerpts